The Negro League Baseball Museum

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

In 2017 I experienced one of my most memorable years as it relates to baseball and baseball activities. Out of all the places that I have visited I would have to say that the Negro League Baseball Museum has remained with me. In my previous post, "My MLB Ballpark Passport story" I was explaining how I bought the "Big Book" and all the accessories that comes with it. One of the accessories is 2 separate "stamping" pages for the Cooperstown Hall of Fame and the Negro League Baseball Museum. I made sure to add in the NLBM and it's "stamping page" on my trip list for the 2017 season. I was to go from Arlington (opening day) to Kansas City then to St. Louis before heading back to Baltimore.

Mr. Bob Kendrick, BWB & Sway Calloway @ 2018 AllStar Game in Washington, D.C.