Updated: Apr 21, 2020

As the horrific days of this dreaded COVID-19 lockdown continues to drag on throughout our country and the clouds of uncertainty “loom with gloom” there’s one thing each of us need to seriously consider – we MUST find a way to push forward.

  In the world of Minor League Baseball (MiLB), no one is more affected than the future ballplayers who will one day trot across the manicured grass of a Major League Baseball ballpark.

It’s their hope. It’s their dream.

Think about it: It will affect those ballplayers who aren’t the freshly signed and drafted "rooks" in the first and second tiers in the “Big Show.” For a lot of the younger ballplayers, like third baseman Fabian Pertuz of the Chicago Cubs, the 2020 season was supposed to be a big year for this native Colombian who last season hit .325 in the 2019 Arizona League. Pertuz ranked #30 out of #50 and is a Tier 3 prospect in the organization's Top-50 prospects and draft picks for 2020.

If this hopeful 2020 season was to be a continuation of his first two years, Fabian Pertuz was definitely on his way to rise up in the tier ranks.

In an EXCLUSIVE for Baseball With Brock, I was fortunate enough to have a insightful conversation with Pertuz and asked how he was coping during this pandemic, his daily workouts, and what he was doing to stay prepared and "game ready.”    BWB: Fabian, first off, I hope all is well with you and your immediate family. With that being said, let me ask you with everything that is happening, how has your diet changed lately?

FP: Well the truth is I try not to eat much during these days.

BWB: What kind of indoor workouts and training have you been doing to stay prepared?

FP: I do some sprinting outside my house for my cardio. I am doing some calisthenics and weights that I have in my garage. I have my own daily routine. I start early every morning and I also have some exercises that my organization sent me.

BWB: Are you doing any kind of fielding and/or hitting drills while you are at home? FP: Yes I am doing both from time to time. I am training with my father, who is my coach, doing everything from defensive drills to hitting practice.

BWB: The real question is what do you miss most about the game? What are you really looking forward to doing again?

FP: I mostly miss all the excitement and feelings of the game. I miss the adrenaline and I miss the feeling of the bat in my hands and winning. I also miss many other things about the game but there are too many to mention.

During these turbulent times where everyone is looking for a “fast fix” we can take a lesson from ballplayers all across the world. Just take a deep breath and return to the basics.

  In closing, we at Baseball With Brock would like to thank Fabian Pertuz for his time and remind everyone, that "us" “we” and “everyone” equals team - WE will conquer this together.

#LoveisLove - MB

The Baseball With Brock family wants to also give a BIG Thank you & Shot Out to Mr. Danny Torres!


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