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"Matt was engaged in our SMWW Baseball Agent class and was well prepared for all his assignments in addition to helping his fellow students with any questions they had that he felt comfortable answering. Great student and a pleasure to have had him in my class." 

                     Oscar Suarez

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Oscar Suarez

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"Matthew was a model student in the Athlete Management course. He asked great questions, made valuable contributions to class discussions and had excellent attendance. More students should be like Matthew."       


Joel Corry


  B.W.B. Agency


James Mims

James Mims


Personal Appearances)


Manny Sanguillen

Manny Sanguillen

(Card Signings/ Personal Appearances)


It's all about being the best at what you do and when you are, you attract the best of the others around you. As an Athlete and Entertainer, you give every game and performance your all, shouldn't you have someone in your corner working for you and your interest with the same intensity? Of course you should! We here at B.W.B. Agency have been trained by some of the titans in the (Athlete & Entertainment) Marketing & Branding world. There really is no "special secret to success" besides hard work, staying relevant, being opportunistic and staying familiar with the daily trends and topics. We come up with a custom approach with each of our clients to ensure maximum exposure and awareness is reached and our message and mission was communicated clearly and efficiently with our fans and followers. 

Services provided by B.W.B. Agency

  1. Social Media Marketing/Promotion

  2. Sponsorship/Endorsement Procurement

  3. Press/Media Training

  4. Contract Negations 

Other Services provided by B.W.B. Agency

  1. Recruitment/Scouting analysis

  2. Draft Preparations

  3. Post Playing Career Path Advisement 


We have clients all throughout the Sports and Entertainment world from Professional Athletes to Actors to Personalities to Creative Intervenors, that's right, we have it all! Our industry backgrounds, networking & connections, depth of industry knowledge and years of service and experience is sure to give our clients the upper hand in this fast paced every changing marketplace.

"Matt Brock was a student in the Baseball Agent course I guest lectured on for SMWW.  He attended every zoom class prepared and participated with energizing questions and comments, proving to learn as much as he could.  His knowledge and eagerness did not go unnoticed and he was pleasant to have in my class.  He is and will continue to be a great addition to the world of baseball."
                    - John Boggs


From Fat To Fit
   Corey James

Courtesy of @CoreyBlackface via B.W.B. Agency

Who's Got Next?!?

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