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My MLB Ballpark Passport Story

To me the best thing about the game of baseball and baseball games are the memories of those particular games you attended and the people you went with. The sounds, the smells, the sunsets and the faces are what someone like me has memorized with every step around every beautiful concourse that I have walked.

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One day I was on the internet and came across the MLB Ballpark Passport which is definitely one of the best baseball items that I have discovered. The idea and thought of the Ballpark Passport is simple. You get your passport stamped at every ballpark you visit and game you attend. You can also write down the weather, starting pitchers, scores of the game and a full page per ballpark to keep your notes, memories, pictures and autographs. In all actuality, though the MLB Ballpark Passport is much deeper than that - it is a team, it is a unit, it is a family. After buying the "Big Book" on the internet, I joined the Facebook and Instagram page to find hundreds and thousands of people sharing stories, memories, pictures and videos with each other. I have been to every current MLB ballpark, besides Toronto. I've stamped into 20 ballparks, the Negro League Baseball Museum, a wildcard game, a playoff game, the London Series, the All-Star game and a World Series game!

The best part of the MLB Ballpark Passport is the people you meet along the way, the MLB Ballpark family! I have personally been to 7 different cities and ballparks where I have been greeted and have experienced wonderful care by a MLB ballparker like myself. Always remember that baseball is much more then a game to many of its followers, it is a lifestyle and a lifestyle that is followed closely and built on gestures and unwritten rules just like the game itself.

BWB & Tim Parks (Brainchild & Owner of MLB Ballpark Passport)

My suggestion to you is to join the family, the MLB Ballpark Passport family, and to start making your own memories today!

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