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Staying In Shape During The "Slump" of 2020

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

If you are the one of the three (3) out of four (4) Americans that have been benched due to the Coronavirus simply staying active in and of itself can be a major task.  Making sure that we are getting the proper amount of sleep, food, and exercise, as well as keeping our regular routines and daily habits, can be downright stressful and overwhelming. I know these times are unpredictable but right now there are three (3) things that you should concentrate on: 1) mental discipline; 2) physical discipline; and 3) emotional discipline. I contacted my good friend Corey James from Phizeeq Personal Training and asked him to share a few simple ideas that we can all do during these next few weeks to keep the family as "game ready" as possible!

Tony Gwynn Stadium in San Diego, California.
Just sitting here waiting for Baseball to come back!

Five (5) key tips to start & keep a healthy transformation alive: Write down your goals

 *Meeting short and long term goals for weight loss by creating a journal. Keeping a detailed journal will help you keep track of workouts, meals and will also help you be accountable to yourself.

  Mindset  *This is also an important tip. In order to change your body, you must first change the mind. Start with positive affirmations daily, (i.e stroke your own ego!) Tell yourself you can do it and that there is nothing that can stop you.

Nutrition  *This is also a valuable tip that I want to share with you. Nutrition is absolutely key to staying healthy. Meal prepping and meal planning, based on your calorie intake, is vital to your transformation. As the saying goes, “eat for the body you want, not the body you have”. Exercise   *With new and old gyms opening soon this tip should be an easy one. It is simple - get in a gym and get active! Thirty (30) minutes a day on a treadmill is a good way to get the blood pumping and revving up your metabolism. You also want to add, at a minimum, three (3) days a week of strength training, (i.e lifting weights) Accompanied by your sound nutrition you are definitely on your way to transforming your body in a healthy way. 

Patience  *Now that you are getting started towards achieving a healthy and positive transformation REMEMBER that the hardest part of the journey is waiting patiently to see the results. You have to keep your thoughts positive and to remember that you are looking for the “bigger picture” and not "instant gratification". The vast majority of people quit because of this very reason. Trust me if you stay consistent and disciplined with your nutrition, I promise you your transformation will work. Like the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built overnight” and neither will your body!

Thank you Corey, we appreciate your time and help and definitely look forward to the release of your documentary, "From Fat To Fit"!

"From Fat To Fit" by Corey James (Official Trailer)

Stay focused, stay consistent and trust the process! Anything worth having never comes easy.

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