Spotlight on Philanthropy

Trevor Bauer is an outstanding starting pitcher. In 2017 he went 17-9 with a 4.19 era starting in 31 games for the Cleveland Indians. That set the stage for Trevor to ask for a reported $6.9 million dollar salary. When he was told that he may be asking for too much, he lowered this amount to exactly $6,420,969.69 for the 2018 season. He was later asked  to propose a deal for $6,525,000. Which he won through arbitration. Wanting to be paid exactly what he asked for, Trevor started his 69 Days Of Giving campaign.

This charitable campaign saw Trevor Bauer donating $420.69 to a different charity suggested by the public each day for 68 days. On day 69 he donated $69,420.69 to Max Hayes a High School in Cleveland. After paying his campaign manager $6,002.70, Trevor was left with the salary he was looking for. While it may seem like Trevor was mocking the system, his charity shouldn't be overlooked.

Good job Trevor! (Photo Courtesy of

Thank you Trevor Bauer! You're a stand up guy in my book. 

You can check out his campaign at

-L.J. of B.W.B.

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