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GOD Bless Baseball for all!

In my opinion, nothing beats a beer or soda, peanuts, hotdog, baseball talk and a ballgame during a warm summers day or night! Whether it's my wife and I, my family, my friends or just me, there's nothing like it. Sometimes the best part of the ballgames are watching the kids and young fans interact with the ballplayers during the warm ups. There is nothing like seeing a young kids face light after getting tossed a ball or getting that sought after autograph from his or her favorite player.

I love walking by and noticing someone keeping score or listening along to the game on the radio or on their smartphone. To me, the "ballgame" is an all day affair. From batting practice and warmups to the national anthem to the 1st pitch and roar of the crowd, only if the home pitcher throws a strike of course! True fans love and support the game and history of baseball.

Baseball With Brock wants to bring you a 1st hand view of the great American pastime in all her beauty! From ballparks to fan fests, we want to show why baseball is special to us and so many just like us.

No matter the dipping attendance at ballparks the fans are still watching, the kids are still watching. So ballplayers always remember, choke up when there's 2 strikes on you, run out every ground ball, sign autographs and only cuss and fuss when you cover up with your glove.

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