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Baseball Oh Baseball

The best part about the game we all love, baseball, is that more people and places then ever before are active and alive participating in the game. From the Caribbean to the Netherlands, China to Australia, Japan to Europe, everywhere you go, everyone has a baseball mitt on ready to play! It was incredible to get off the plane at Heathrow airport and see MLB advertisements everywhere, kids wearing Yankees and Red Sox hats, Dads and Sons wearing Judge and Betts jerseys!

Unfortunately, this year MLB's spring training has been cut short and opening day has been pushed back until at least mid-May. The good thing is that baseball and I created so many memories to hold me over and fuel my passion for whatever the future brings. The saddening truth of what's happening now is calmed by the prospects of what's to come and how strong as a team we all truly are.

I've traveled all across the USA, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic and even the UK following this game I love and I'll personally take this "break in the game" to revisit all the special moments to make me fall in love all over again. I am also reminded of a phrase we would use while playing.. "pick me up" , or in other words, help someone else out. No matter where I have attended a ballgame everyone was courteous, polite and helpful to each other. Even though the actual game of baseball is postponed for now I believe that the pleasantries of baseball should shine even brighter in these darkened days and times.

The game teaches us about how to win and how to lose and how to do both with dignity and respect. I know a lot of people feel restless and the urge to get out and about to socialize but this might truly be the time for a "sacrifice fly". Hopefully we, as a group of people, we will read the sign and play our part for the best of our team even if it means sitting this one out.

Baseball, America's pastime!

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